Our suite of state-of-the-art Indiana school financial software solutions cover all important financial operations within school corporations. One-on-one customer support, training and our longstanding relationship with the Indiana Department of Education help you manage school operations more efficiently. The accounting suite is designed for cloud computing and advances your green initiative by seamlessly connecting modules, agencies and people.


Our fund accounting software not only meets state and federal electronic reporting requirements, it also allows email reporting within and around your school corporation. Pay accounts payable vouchers electronically. Receive and approve requisitions online. Merge 1099 information from your extra-curricular accounting software and transmit positive pay files to your bank electronically.


  • Keep accurate balances with real-time processing
  • Invoice facility rentals and retiree insurance premiums
  • Attach grant documents to grant funds and invoices to AP vouchers


Our payroll-processing software offers multiple options for handling wages, deductions, taxes, check-writing, direct deposit and reports. Customizable and fully automated, the program delivers paystubs and IRS forms such as 1095-Cs and W2s via our Doculivery features. It’s also compatible with our time and attendance software, K-Time, for accurate compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Department of Labor and the Affordable Care Act. Another benefit: It keeps employee information in one easily accessible place with attached photographs, signed tax forms, deduction history and earnings records.


Contract management, a critical element for school corporations, is addressed in our personnel module. This module helps you keep contracts for teachers, administrators and bus drivers up-to-date and stored in your historical record. Automated experience increments and wage and salary projections allow planning for your future school years, with direct export to payroll, saving time for your staff.

Fixed Assets

Our asset management program stores purchase date, vendor, check number and purchase order (PO) number and tracks cost, current value, replacement cost and salvage value in a master file for each asset. It can record the asset location by building and room number, if needed. It also allows for multiple depreciation schedules and keeps an accumulated depreciation history. The fund program can automatically send asset purchase information to the fixed assets program, eliminating redundant data input.

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Time and Attendance Management System

This automated timekeeping system efficiently tracks time and attendance using biometric scanning, eliminating the need for special cards or badges. K-Time helps ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Department of Labor and the Affordable Care Act. Tracking is flexible—by week or month, full-time or part-time. Integrating K-Time with your payroll system eliminates the redundancy of entering hours worked and time off. Employees, supervisors and administrators can review and approve time and attendance electronically.


  • Provide identity accuracy with the biometric fingerprint reader
  • Blend rates for overtime calculations
  • Clock in offsite with the mobile application
  • Clock in and out at your desk with the quick clock desktop feature
  • Keep a historical audit trail of time, attendance and job types

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Doculivery is a secure, paperless method of providing documents online with 24/7 access for your employees. It reduces paper and waste while offering the convenience of immediate availability. Secure and deliver online pay stubs and IRS forms such as W-2s and 1095-C and 1099 forms in less time with less expense. Doculivery is simple to implement, with no new software or hardware to buy. Employees link by internet, intranet or mobile device to an employee portal customized with your school colors and logo.

Print purchase orders, receipts and vendor checks with this easy-to-use software for school building accounts. Maintain a complete history and audit trail, and keep flexibility of detail on extra-curricular accounts such as clubs, sports fees or book rental. Generate dozens of useful reports, too. WECA will interface at year end with the corporation accounting system for the purpose of creating 1099s for your vendors.

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Boyce Forms, the seed of what has grown into Boyce Systems today, provides computer forms, check stock, laser-cut sheets, state-prescribed forms (SBOA and IDOE) and more. Our forms service is designed to integrate with our software to streamline your operations. We also provide blank stock for system-generated forms. We can customize forms to meet your needs.

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From scanning, imaging and indexing to record restoration, book creation and high-quality bookbinding, Boyce Systems will take good care of your books, documents and records. We’ve been continuously managing county record books and records since 1899. Working closely with our partners, we continue the Boyce tradition of expertly handling both book and map restorations.

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