We focus exclusively on financial software and provide the forms required for government municipalities, schools, libraries, utilities and special districts. Our solutions target the specific needs of our clients, who also benefit from our one-on-one customer support and longstanding relationships with Indiana government agencies. It’s our goal to help each of our clients deliver more to the people they serve.

High Tech, High Touch

Sincere, personalized service and an eagerness to embrace emerging technologies have been cornerstones of our business for over 120 years. We know Indiana, and we get to know our clients’ needs, too. This enables us to provide information systems that are easy to manage and maintain—along with hands-on service, training and support. We share this focus on the future with our clients, ushering in paperless, mobile and cloud-based solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Network-Friendly, Easy to Use

We work for and with our clients to help improve performance and increase accountability. Our software and forms meet regulatory requirements—and they also make sense. Products and services such as our financial software and cloud computing systems are network-friendly and tailor-made. We seek to understand what our clients do and find solutions that make their work easier—whether it’s for billing, payroll, accounting or asset management.

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