Judicial Tracking Systems for Municipal Courts

 KEY-COURT is an easy-to-use, automated court management, judicial tracking, reporting and record-keeping software program designed for Municipal Courts. The Key-Court system enhances the efficiency of your operation and can electronically interact with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Key-Court organizes and manages information processing for you, saving you time.
Key-Court Main Features
  • Simplifies Your Record Keeping
  • Computer Generated Docket List
  • Creates and Maintains Data Bases
  • Maintains a Fine Table and IC Code Table
  • Plain Paper Receipt Printing
  • Ability to Send Text Files to Police Departments
  • Information Tracking
  • Electronically File Indiana's SR16 with BMV
  • On-Line Documentation and Help
Financial Management Features
  • Creates a Monthly Cash Book
  • Records Daily and Monthly Cash Receipt Posting
  • Prints Year-End Fee Book
  • Records Trust Fund Receipts and Disbursements
  • Records Bond Receipts and Disbursements
  • Maintains an Audit File of Deleted Cash by User
  • Can Auto Void and Record Updated Cash Receipts
Tracking Features
  • Docket Numbers
  • Probation Cases
  • Receipt Numbers
  • Vendor Reports
Data Management Features
  • Ability to Archive Prior Year’s Data
  • Access Archived Data within the Program
  • Create Data Base of Attorneys, Witnesses, Officers, Bondsmen, Community Service  
  • Cross Reference by Docket Number, Name, Date, Officer, Ticket Number, SSN and OLN
Key-Court Prints
  • Warrants
  • Criminal Summons
  • Subpoenas
  • Order to Hold
  • Order to release
  • Work/School Excuse
  • Hearing Letter
  • Continuance
  • SR16 and SR17